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lirik lagu preamble – hand to hand


run it down to make it close!
what you’ve said, you said in circles!
won’t you please let us try to find out!
run it down… away

take ten paces and turn to your fortune.
you shot me down with your words.
all i hear is a gun explosion.
you shot me down with your words.

that day when the angels did sing you’re leaving.
denial was reaching the brink of breaking.

with my life wide open, there is change in the air.
i’m ripping my eyes out just to say goodbye.

for what it’s worth, i’ve already begun contemplating what we’ve loss.
can you leave the light for everyday?
everyday that’s p-ssing

walking backwards is the perfect goodbye.

a step seems to jetlag feet on a cold morning.
i packed my heart shaped suitcase in time.