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lirik lagu 4am – quadear



like me…
like me…

it’s 4am falling flat

[verse 1]

it’s 4am vickies falling flat, her phone vibrating she ain’t calling back
i’ll be your reggie bush you be my kim kardashian and throw it back just like a quaterback
that’s a lead option, ain’t finna settle down with a n-gg- like me cause she need options
she a nasty girl, with some nasty girls, into eating boxes and seed swapping
now the weed sparking, wanna smoke tree we’ll cop a oz we don’t need bargains
and baby don’t take this personal, but you ain’t finna hit it it’s a personal
the last one to show up and the first to go, and never set a date we don’t flirt with hoes
been a day since the fact and she still having trouble just facing the fact so it hurts to know
but that’s a story for another day, cause i wouldn’t have it any other way
need a cup of lean and a blunt of haze couple hundred million and a youngin’ straight
shout my n-gg- lino that’s my brother lay, always kept me focus when a youngin’ strayed
now we getting hot, probably hit the block, vibe and smoke with tookie like the younger days
touch my paper it’s the hunger games, touch my paper it’s the hunger games
told em i’d come up from nothing they swore he was bluffing now they don’t know what to say
astonished to say the least pull up my sleeve on my garment display the piece
work the hardest to pay the fee’s got my pull up i pull up yo’ goddess is chasing me

[chorus] 2x

(so let’s ride)
she say she wanna roll with a n-gg- like me
(let’s ride)
and get throwed with a n-gg- like me
(let’s ride)
hit her on the phone, hit it on the nightly
lame n-gg- stuck at home wondering where you might be

[verse 2]

back on the scene like six o’clock so fresh so clean when i hit the block
maybe it’s the rumours maybe it’s the knot, maybe it’s the stu or maybe it’s the watch
or maybe it’s all the above, or maybe she falling in love
or maybe she just tryna play me, round my way we would call it a dub
know it’s slow for that, even when i’m off the potent pack
even back when i was just a younging doing nothing running with the potent pack
so what’s it gone be shawty we could b-mp some biggie we could b-mp some e-40
so what’s it gone be shawty she was from the bay i was from the 243
type to hit and never call her back, so you already know how the story go
type of fits that got these b-tches geeking look up in the closet it’s a mauri show
phil in 02′ kobe who we got to maybe you could be my robert horry though
you could be my robert horry though you could be my robert horry though
always knew that i would be the man, my mosaic on her instagram
we pull up we hitting yo’ city she with it, my concert ticket all up in her pants
the irony in that, matter fact she was eyeing me infact
now she taking off that bra for me it was a prophecy i said that imma leave with that

[chorus] 2x