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lirik lagu 20 – rachel rene


raja’ll call me the mogul
i heard y’all call me that b-tch
or maybe call me a b-tch
i don’t care i’m with the sh-t
i mean i be really the sh-t
but really i don’t be sh-t
all that i know is baby you know that i’m sick with this sh-t
ah, and literally i be sick with this gift, but
i might
flip a finesse to pay the people in my city
might, throw promowest right out the door cuz now the artists run the show
i might
it’s coming soon and those who know just know
and they don’t press me on my timing see
so don’t you press me for a single moment of my time
ever closer, swear i can see all the signs
not far away from a time where there’s a fee to even speak to me
you know i stay all in my bag
so if i say the sh-t i mean, man, what the f-ck you think
i swear to – y’all don’t think
y’all really tripping on the brink
these fools’ll tell me i’m their favorite just to see me smile and wink
f-ck your drinks, i got my harlequin
if anybody got a pro’lem with me, they must be mute, you f-cking harlequins
play against me guarantees that you can hardly win
every time you try stir the pot, god deals the cards again