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lirik lagu black current – rachel sermanni


last night i dreamt that i was a bird
lift with the wind, long black wings would unfold
but when i dared to look down to the ground, to the ground
i felt my bones grow
heavy and cold, oh oh
why do i shake so?
i cannot fall
last night i dreamt that i was a house
flames leapt from the stove and licked at the walls
i screamed from my windows ‘get out, oh get out, i’ll explode!’
i am not safe
pull me from kansas
why do they think i look safe and secure?
last night you dreamt that i was a bird
the whitest feathers and i soared
i don’t want to hurt the faith you have put
but if you could reserve it ’till at least i have stood
last night i dreamt of black current, river of voices
sink below; it forgives all my choices
but when i look on to the sea, to the ocean
i feel my limbs shrink
into my fins and i think
if i could just swim from
the lights of the sh-r-
last night i dreamt i was deep inside the mouth of a monster
green paper filled my breast
and i woke to breathe
sat up for to free myself
and there you were
just standing there
i don’t know if i can do this
there’s too many dangers
you might burn for me
for last night i dreamt you dreamt
that i was a bird