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lirik lagu 1000 shots – red rouge records


that’s why you know how it is
n*gga be are [?]
ay (brr, brr)
ay (brrh)
we whippin’ that white (we whippin’ that white), white
how we know, we will [?]
ay, ay, ay

hey, i see you [?] let’s go
i love when you’re moving slow
i love when you call my phone
i love when you go really low
now that’s time get hard
i can be what [?] fix that part
i can turn you to a movie star
baby down to the back, to the car
touchdown i went too far
we up, we came too far
got you bust down like a
rollex too turned the car
wanna f*ck with me star
up [?], eight*bar
3.5 that war
can’t trust nun n*gga, this [?]
i’m on b*tch
smell like a moan b*tch
too turned b*tch
ap on a wrong rich
i need me a thick b*tch
brown skin, good lips
5’2 what up, we touching her sh*t
learn it’s her[?]
baby, what’s cra[?]
roll up that weed [?]
maybe i can make it [?]
all my n*ggas turned up, and we shoot clappin’
baby wanna f*ck me, shoot act
getting that money b*tch, i’m never sleeping
i’m in a fuel for real, lots n*ggas they gon’ squaring
all my n*ggas we gon’ k!ll
.45 and the .223
bad b*tch and she suck my
bad b*tch and she give brz[?]
turned up, i’m in the street
can’t f*ck with me
should i part of three
that percs in my body, got me act g*y