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lirik lagu marilyn monroe interlude – reezill


marilyn monroe
what’s the key to your soul
marilyn monroe
are you in love with the blow
with the cold
marilyn monroe
marilyn monroe

ya, ya
here’s a couple of my 2 cents
i dont even really need friends
not dependant on the deep end
not dependant on my defence
couple problems in the southside
tell em catch me on the outside
highlighting as i outline
coming at you like a flashback
h-lla sk!lled with the hashtags
building up to a cash bag
this more to me than a cash app
i do what i can i do what want i do what i need to make it
she know that she need to fake it
i’m here for you help you face it
if we gotta diee then let it bee after we bury the basic
blind ambition with no lasic
smell of freedom i can taste it
blunt looking like a sp-ce ship
b-tt looking like a b-ss shift
just got off her day shift
and she screaming n-gg-s ain’t sh-t
her sister riding in a top off
last night had her top off
before that had a top off
is it you that i talk of
now they finna wanna pop off
please tell me what’s the cost of
all them n-gg-s that you cop off
city life when the lights off