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lirik lagu rap track – relient k


and it was all just a dream(echoed)
baby, rap song
i’m like a fuseneck with i keep getting restless
eatin’ 20 pounds of ‘pasgetti for breakfast
still showin’ up on your 10 best dressed list
i told you my name was mc defenseless
duct tape wrapped around my feet
held hostage before the big track meet
14 feet from 18th street
i know for a fact that you think i’m mean
(switches rapper)yo, you stick around like fly on the wall
with surround sound you found that you hear it all
when it all comes through i heard you say “sup dude?”
(i never thought money really mattered to you)
and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men
took all the king’s credit and they started to spend
it all on the worthless
it’s a tragedy when
(your livin’ with your auntie and uncle in bel-air)
(ladies and gentlemen…the worst freestyle rapper ever!!!)
ummm….uhhhh…gimme a second….
uhhhh….right…here we go…
if apples are green and carrots are orange
and then they go and then you g-
what?…what the-?…what rhymes with orange?
awww geez i really am bad
ummmm…just-just gimme a second
(no man you”re done!)
who’s that wearin’ those silly shoes?
we are wearin’ those silly shoes!
well i really hate those silly shoes!
well we really like our silly shoes!
(hoooooooo hoooooooo!)
please stop wearin’ those silly shoes!
we won’t stop wearin’ our silly shoes!
(they’re just shoes, man!)
well i’ve learned to respect your silly shoes!
then respect for you is somethin’ we won’t lose!
can i try on a pair of your silly shoes?
man, quit talkin’ about those silly shoes!
you say i’m boring but i say hardly!
well let’s get together and have a pizza party!!!!
pizza party!!!
and it was all just a dream