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lirik lagu rhythm of life – all about eve

i’m nowhere that i’ve ever been
i’m no-one, i can’t remember me
make it all go
you’re showing me heaven
when your door is always closed
like the church doors are
when you need a little jesus
outside his business hours
you know, where were you
when i needed you to

hold me, give a little beat of your heart to me
you’ve got to hold me, it’s like the rhythm of life to me

how i long to take some comfort
from your arms
i am denied
i never relied
on the comfort or charity of strangers
hear all the low, lonely lullabies i love
dearer than life.
the warmth of a friend that i could depend on
to listen to me.

what would they find in the ashes then
a paper doll who thought she was a dancer
fusing with the molten grey
of a soldier of tin
who happened once along her way?

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