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lirik lagu ro – my life – z

who is my friend who is my foe, i just can’t tell no mo’
cause seem like everywhere i go, somebody got a problem with ro
it might be somebody from the past, or somebody i don’t know
bottom line i ain’t never f-cked with n-body, why y’all f-cking with me fo’
it’s a trip, to see how all these people scream my name
cause i could remember whole lot of em, that said i’d never make it in the rap game
look at me now though, i got cars and cash
and since i’m able to say f-ck regular weed, i get hydro by the bag
i’m the same n-gg- white tennis shoes, blue jeans and a white t-shirt
24/7 all day and night, around the clock that’s how we work
i could give a f-ck, about these n-gg-z wanting beef
they been muted by my paper chase, interrupt me you might come up deceased
b-tch i’m a product, of the streets
plus i’m an animal that seem raw and untamed, and j. prince got me off the leash
i’m a motherf-cking beast, when it come down to my bread
hey red you pull the cover back, it’s time to lay in your bed

in my life, don’t n-body wanna see me win
in my life, they’d rather see me disgusted with no ends
in my life, everyday another friend turn to a foe
that’s why my motto is f-ck friends, hand me my do’
in my life, i still struggle to make ends meet
it ain’t gravy just cause you see me on tv, i’m almost back on the streets
in my life, b-tch i done seen and heard it all
so i’m one deep till my casket, i ain’t f-cking with y’all

i use to ride or die for you, like you was my gal or something
simply cause you gave a d-mn about me, when i had nothing
when all the homies use to laugh at me, because i was broke
you would make a plate for me, and we might sip a six or a fo’
and even though you had a n-gg-, you said i could spend the night
but out of respect for both of y’all, i chose to kick it under the street light
h-ll yeah i was attracted to ya baby, and you know that
i still feel like we look good, together on a kodak
but a lot of bullsh-t, been floating round in the air
i ‘sposed to said some disrespectful sh-t, now you hate a playa
and to that skinny b-tch with the rigid gold, you need to shut the h-ll up
tal’n bout i made you suck my d-ck for a ride, yeah i made your throat swell up
but tell it, how it really went down
cause we was coming from the studio, and you leaned over from the p-ssenger side
yeah you was trying to get me, to let you spend the night
but since i turned you down, you throwing mo’ salt in my life


life is hard but it’s fair, and even though it might rain
i got my galoshes plus my umbrella, ain’t no stopping me mayn
whenever seen my way i’ma deal with it, then send it right back
i been the underdog all my life, that’s why i bark like that
and f-ck a friend n-gg-, y’all wasn’t trying to kick it when i didn’t have no ends n-gg-
y’all must think, i’m a fool
prolly just wanna flip in my whip, and have me pay for the weed
but i’ll be d-mned if i blow my hard earned money, on anyone else but me
i came to this b-tch one deep, and that’s how i’m gon go
and the way i see it i owe n-body nothing, ain’t n-body gon get no do’
z-ro king of the ghetto, and the mo city don
everybody around me is strapped, that’s why you never see me with a gun
i get my funds, cause it’s the time of the month to pay bills
i ain’t rich, ain’t no difference between me and the people across the street for real
homie, i’m just trying to pay bills
i ain’t rich, ain’t no difference between me and the people across the street for real

[hook x2]

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