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lirik lagu rocking with the g.o.a.t. – ll cool j

you should be happy if we get outta this thing wit a ringtone

[verse 1]
that was cool now let’s get back to that block sh-t
make it impossible for haters who wanna pop sh-t (i got this)
i’m leanin back in the c-ckpit
i drop big bombs these b-st-rds can’t stop it (hot sh-t)
i’m a profit for profit, once i decide to lock it
f-ckin’ with me is toxic
go prop on n-gg-s love songs and rock sh-t
show these motherf-ckers how to spit they ain’t about sh-t (this is it)
i’m so ruthless and cunning when the drummer was drumming
ya’ll see i got your man running
ll the boss, like luke wit the force
my techniques ugly, dirty like rugby
drop jewels like yoda my young students love me
all rappers are under not one of them above me
i rip sh-t, i blow the whole house down
on your big mouth clown
you don’t wanna f-ck around

mic check
you are now rocking wit the g.o.a.t.
throw your hands in the air have a sip take a toke (hot sh-t)
you are now rocking wit the g.o.a.t.
go ‘head do your two step wit your hand in your coat n-gg-
you are now rocking wit the g.o.a.t.
throw your hands in the air try to wave away the smoke (that sh-t)
you are now rocking wit the g.o.a.t.
go ‘head do your two step while i let these n-gg-s know

[verse 2]
(you better back down)
listen good with both ears
keep your mouth shut, fall back like broke chairs
how can they forget a n-gg- like me i’m so rare
you n-gg-s had a pretty good run i don’t care(so far)
so far ahead that i’m countin in light years
that mean lightning strikes longer than your career
i’m so arrogant motherf-ckers you like that, yeah
in your club making rukus no momma wanna touch us (i’m a grown man)
muff boys like kobe at the ruckers
play chris tucker, rush all you c-cksukers
you way to lame, i showed you game
just in case ya’ll forgot my name
i’m the g-o-a-t., much hottest lately
ripping motherf-ckers since cut-creater tried to break beat
farmers blvd’s is up in this b-tch
and i help russell hustle you could go ask rick


[verse 3]
the, the, the, the
(monster) is back
they probably put a hit on me for murdering the track
they tried to sh-t on me they thought i wasn’t coming back
they sealed the jar ‘n then they threw me in the back
career means circles i came (back like) crrraaaackkkk
i floated to the top, fully loaded on c-ck
’cause the way ya motherf-ckers his hot oven this hot he don’t stop
these n-gg-s wanna sell you the hype but don’t cop
i’ll give you the pure shot, i’m the l
motherf-ckin’ l forever
what they sayin’ on the internet i rip whoever
for the last 10 years i so i loved ’em better
but i’m back you n-gg-s get your sh-t together n-gg-
i (play hard)
i goes in for real
the odds ‘r always wit me win i spin the wheel
and you could’ve rocked wit me but your not real
so when i polish off the plaque i’ll let you know how it feels


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