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lirik lagu rollin wit connect – allfrumthai

[verse 1: binky mack]

you can’t f-ck with the criminal rapping over gangsta sh-t
first i load the clip and then i make the hit
i know some y’all can’t fade this
“westside connect is the craziest”
so you and your boys are get you -ss wiped
when i’m bangin’ in a caprice cl-ssic (hahahaha)
connect ain’t nothing but a menace
when we get that motherf-cking hog in us
playing them oldies
pouring out some of my gat for my homies (westsiiide)
ready to peel your cap
you can’t believe that we bang on wax
some say connect ain’t positive
man f-ck that sh-t cause i got to live
how i live and you could either give a f-ck punk
(squeak ru) yo or get your -ss bucked up
(binky mack) some rappers are heaven-sent
but gaven wiped on your record deal don’t pay the f-cking rent
so you can either get a job and slang your -ss again
i’d rather roll it wit connect-gang
[chorus: squeak ru]

so rough, so tough the streets i live (what n-gg-?)
the only thing i got is love to give
from havin?, i be throwin up the dub (where you from?)
(ice cube: “this is the gang, and i’m in it.”)
[verse 2: binky mack]

to be down with the connect ain’t simple
you got to grind your own you want a spot find your own
and take mine if you’re badder than the strong man
i do the right thing i do the wrong thing
do anything cause i ain’t faking the scene
it’s all about how much cheddar you bring
and if you see something from the gat im go stuff it
(squeak ru) you ain’t sayin’ nothing
(binky mack) cause if you testify you’re better lie
cause in the city we live and let die
rolling with the fools one time can’t beat
on my knees in the street interlock my hands and feet
he said “i know you” i said “you might,
i’m down wit’ ice cube, he did a song you didn’t like”
so they get me down for like an ever
had to do six month in the terror
a piece of cake it was just like a party
cause i’m gang-related i know everybody (wessiiiiey)
no i didn’t rob or steal or slang – i’m locked up
“for what?” cause i’m bangin wit connect-gang
[chorus x2]
[verse 3: binky mack]

if you know a white g is bangin’ with connect-gang
watch your step cause the gat is kept
in the hand like my homeboy scoop (dub-s.c.g.)
made n-gg-z are down a top of the ruff
and let you know he be the first one of dub you out
me and the crew we be the first one of stuck you out
f-ck a b-tch cause b-tches get you eighty-six
and lets the get mix
business and pleasure make up your own mind
you gotta be a hoe on your own time
don’t sleep cause even on a solo creep
n-gg- connect is still deep
and we’ll play ya just like a trick
you thought you got with the crew you can’t f-ck with
so get the noose cause ya we still lynching
two bouncin a time is what i’m benching
but nowadays it’s still not enough
i pack the heat and n-gg-z want to b-m rush
have me the gat, step back, and watch me do my thang
(what n-gg-?) “what n-gg-?”
rolling with the westside-connect gang!
[chorus x2]

outro: mack 10 and [squeak ru]

westside connect gang n-gg-
foe life
allfrumtha motherf-cking i
all from the f-cking die
squek ru, binky mack
[we all tyc–n, the mad man mack manson, n-gg-]
speak on it n-gg-
ice cube, dub-c, crazy toones [k-dee, t-bone]
hen you see the connect throwin out the dub n-gg-!

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