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lirik lagu rybecki – 20 dead flower children

no peace in my world
we’re the flies in the web
in this age of the widow
poisoned at birth by reality’s bite
we were young and naive,
now its hard to believe
we have a purpose of being (thrown away!)
brothers grimm, brothers grimm,
i can -ssimilate a modern day fairy tale of children born of hate
reality is the clay thats molding millions more
our fairy tale was the hope that we were looking for

and now its getting so clearer to me
now was there a light in the beginning for me?
for when the innocense cried but yet the innocense died
and i feel that these dreams ever haunting me….haunting me

no peace in my world…..
no peace empty child so confused,
so full of life yet abused
who made you god to say this child was so strange?
and now the child will confide,
burn in its h-ll deep inside,
and be raised by the shame he was given (dear god will it ever change!)
i’m bearing bruises for the happy man who wants to share
he wants to know whats in my mind but did you really care?
i blame your system and your peers for my misanthropy
the same peers i’d hurt to get your demons out of me

(repeat chorus)

haunting me…..
“we only cared about you, and this is what was best for you”
all lies….all lies!
“we only cared about you…and this was what was best for you”
“and this was what was best for you”
you never cared!

(repeat chorus)

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