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lirik lagu s.b.d. – abbatoir

breaking out in desperation
he dares to cross
the boundry that separates
the living from the dead
the lord asked the man his name
and he answered, “go away!”
he thought death in it’s infinite.
burning in pain

feel the fire, feel the flame
oh the hammer falls to your brain
feel the fire, feel the flame
feel your body going insane

on your knees from a wicked spell
staring inside the ball
lure you to the emptiness
he will take them all
his thoughts found a grip on the world
he looked up and saw the crime
outraged of the wickedness
that lives in his mind


fighting the world all by himself
he’s filled with hate
as days go by he’s growing
closer to his fate
just when he can’t go on
much to his surprise
the wicked curse has gone away
he reaches his demise


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