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lirik lagu 1317 – shyboii guero


man this sh*t feel like high school you know?
feels like college?
around 2013? 2017?
you know the vibes

1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh

same time i would sign up for tests i would
fantasize ’bout signing a check
gang signs thrown around at the rec
to maintain ties gotta slide with a tech
take pride ’cause i’m not like the rest
had to change mine so i’m coming correct
grade 9 my school was impressed
’cause they recognized i was one of the best
game time shoot my shot like the nets
from the baseline though my shot was contest
break time do i stay on the west?
and just waste time go to college for debt?
facetime with the fam out in mex
told me save mine get it off of yo chest
late nights coming home so depressed
in the daylight that was never expressed
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh

graduation like the kanye album
in the middle like my name malcolm
dollar and a dream now what’s the outcome?
my whole life been tryna be ’bout some
i’m the man though i grew up without one
waterworks see my momma been down some
hate on shy? then you probably doubt him
from the hood that i vow to get out from
went to school with the blacks and the browns
where they patting you down
in yo cap and yo gown
some of the teachers were gassing me down
’til they saw me on t.v. like who laughing now?
i separated myself from the crowd
name isn’t penny the family proud
see the type of homies that be lifting you up
are the type of homies that you gotta hold down

1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
1317, 1317, uh
when i was young i uh, started to really make it as an actor
i came in i talked to my mother i said
ma did you think that, this was gonna happen
i’d be so big and i’ll be able to take care of everybody
and i could do this, and i could do that and i could
she said boy, stop it right there

that’s just how i’m feeling
if i knew then what i know now
motherf*cking life would be different
you know the vibes