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lirik lagu emotions – sivert høyem


emotions, wouldn’t you rather be right than wrong?
temptations, wouldn’t you be better off on your own?
we’ve come a long way, but the transformation’s only just begun
oh your emotions, the sort of things you don’t want to know
this complication’s wearing hard on me, i’m down on my knees
don’t turn your back on me please, oh no
emotions, weighing me down when i try to get up
or keep me wound up, it never stops
it never lets you relax, it will ride you till the day you drop
when i’m in trouble though, you won’t even reach
still my transmission reads no message but please
i cannot help but being a slave to my needs
can’t get enough from you
oh your emotions
hey you, you’re under my gun
if you think you’re so clever just cast the first stone
if you think you’re still right why don’t you go on
if you think you’re so clever just cast the first stone
it’s getting cold enough for me
in a minute it’s gonna be you or me
i always make some apology
but there is something that ain’t right
and it always is the same way out for me
i can’t always just back down as i always do
should i take it out on you
or do you have emotions too
is it just me, or are we going crazy?
make no apology
come in close enough to see
good luck escaping your emotions