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lirik lagu ​mountainside – soot pan


[soot pan – verse 1]
moving upwards
looking forwards
no idea by what i have that i can really go by
put the effort in and maybe you can go too
think about it and perhaps you really ought too
those voices have no purpose
but that’s still what you rehe-rs-
no one cares about what you just ate
keep on going why d’you think that you still have a best mate

[verse 2]
oh look
oh no
convincing everyone it’s gonnna be alright
oblivious to the cause so go and nod your head
my god i don’t know why i try to wake up
at least you’ll get a brand new record (oh yes)
churchill gonna flip and feel real hard done by
it’s you going down the mountainside
and it’s time for me to go

[soot pan – bridge]
first we have to do some more b-tchy walljumps up this staircase
and avoid these grand stairs to the infinite staircase
but how can we get up this really long staircase without touching the stairs

[k.a.r.f – verse 3]
take your mind off the sh-t for a while
make your mind, get some joy on the ride
don’t need protection it’s all worth the while
’cause this steep mountainside is a part of our lives like
we all know that our lives are a nightmare
with the bad sh-t it seems like a light year
so we sit down we drink it away, get a buzz and we rust with the tears that our lives share
kinda hard to go climb to the top
’cause we wanted flatlands but our live’s full of rocks
and our lives are backhandin’ us straight in the face
when we trip and we fall after that we get up like
you be thinkin’ that our lives are separate
you be thinkin’ that you climbin’ the everest
you be thinkin’ that we all ain’t the same
man, we all play the game and we start with no leverage

[soot pan – bridge]
it could be done by a real person
i’m not good enough at the game to do that
but it’s definitely possible

[k.a.r.f – outro]
(yeah) life ain’t that hard
so i make the best of it
if you wanna say something then find me at the top
if you think i’m too high
then just look up at the sky and climb all the rocks
if you get up here
then life can not steer your heart away
this life’s a game