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lirik lagu 3 am (freestyle) – spookythekidd


song that spooky where he is apparently heartbroken and also
dissed a couple of his old friend on this song including old collaborator treybans, this song was released may 10,2020, it was the day spooky and his ex*girlfriend (unknown) broke up and he had written a song about it and started dissing a couple of his old friends

alleged lyrics:
my patience getting low, my blood is leaking
i see my demons and my mom is right all i do is
smoke, that next day it was my homie’s birthday
i f*cked it up, my births place, f*ck jaylen
treybans, f*ck bg, v2 who the f*ck is you, f*ck your
momma, f*ck your auntie, f*ck you too, we was
doing 20 in the motherf*cking tent

re*release is expected

instrumental by clams casino, original sample * human