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lirik lagu 0000 (red light) – supa bwe


i might hit your b-tch, thats a t-tle fight
freddy got hits, freddy got the magic
i’m way off the sh-ts, i am not alright
parlay with these priest and preach almighty magic
the red moon ate my soul
heated and weak, stuck in her heat
the red moon burns my core
cold shoulders were years older
the red moon has no soul
still colder, she feel colder
the red moon knows i’m cold
chill sobers her real motives

the red light seeps in

you can’t cruise with me girl
i’ll walk away
you can’t cruise with me girl
i’m cruising usa

bleach sinks in our rug, i can’t wash this stain
your my greatest stain
i can’t walk away
please beam me back up
i can’t walk this plane
you all look the same
faceless mocking jays

the red light sinks in