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lirik lagu see no evil – the game

(feat. kendrick lamar & tank)

[verse 1: game]
i don’t read the xxl
told em.45 the church, think i’m destined for h-ll, oh well
blood tears off the face of my jesus piece
it’s bloodshed, feel the cracks in my city streets
i’m from the crack of them city streets
used to sell crack in them city streets, born in blood n-gg-
in a coma five days, life of a thug n-gg-
momma ain’t show, grandma almost pulled the plugged the n-gg-
used to pull the gun out, just because of cause n-gg-s
five shots to the head cause i’m a blood n-gg-
nuttin’ brewing but suwoo’ing where the f-ck i’m from
you lucky if you make it out of compton, ask andre young
smell the scent of dead bodies ridin’ down green leaf
no peace so don’t get caught up with no piece
f-ck fatburger, we cooking that real beef
momma’s mourning they sons, i’m talking real grief
real funerals of them lost juveniles
trying to be generals, be missing your dinner now, huh
say it’s a blessing when you die in ya sleep
cause the coroner don’t need no sheets, capishe
i’m sayin’, stop playing, wrap him up in what he lay in
fold a n-gg- arms, now a caskets what he pray in, compton streets raised me
can’t tell my grandma nothing bout her baby, you crazy

[hook: tank]
i said she see no evil
she gonna knock it at all
you want to see tomorrow, you promise not to talk
say we on our way now, i’m a see you again
and when they ask you questions, you just answer
what happened then?
what happened then?

[verse 2: kendrick lamar]
i live this life at a pace that anyone can go
know your place and dedicate your role, to the faith that you’ll die alone
trace your steps when i do step in a fire of broken bones
and i require my heart’s desire and when i reap what i sew
i bought my momma a benz, my b–bie a jag
a cut for my dogs with a roof full of gl-ss
but still i be feeling like none of my light never casts
out of that black cloud that’s been watered down since my first chopper blast
but f-ck that, i’m not worried, even when discouraged
skirt off makin’ them hurt off i should have hurt them in a hurry
dirt off all under my fingers, dirt all of ’em gon is gone
shirt off when precesure, resuscitation came early
i need you to keep quiet as a mouse
which is ironic cause rats is what i’m talking about
i’m hearin the sonics of gun fire
the whispers, the silent cries even though i know it’s an eye for an eye

[hook: tank]

[verse 3: game]
you want to go to compton? n-gg- i’ll take you there
hough city bodies get burnt b-tt-naked here
respect the code, a n-gg-‘s calling from the pen
colombian neck-ties on the outside from within
and then, your momma never see you again
casket to never wake up plastered in mac make-up, huh
n-gg-s can’t hear you talking from the sky
and only five year olds see your ghost when you die, no lie
call my catchers up to all you head honchos
2 dome shots in that head, griselda blanco
sh-t get real though inside the foxhills though
n-gg- living that fast life and get killed slow
ask wack and draws if a n-gg- run the streets
my grandmother’s friends says said “you n-gg-s had never wanted peace.”
los angeles, i’m the motherf-cking king here
no first 48 cause motherf-ckers don’t sing here

[hook: tank]

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