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lirik lagu seen but not heard – the dead pets

we’re all shouting for a cause
move your feet on the floors
with unity we can start to fix
all this f-cked up politics

stop dangling carrots in front of me
leave me be and let my mind run free
love and breakups on the tv
so much more than we’ve all got to see
shouting hardcore when no one can hear ya
we all know that we should fight for what’s right
but who wants to fight
when you can put up with comfortable sh-te

stop causing trouble cos you don’t know me
you should wise up, be more like david bellamy
so don’t waste your time backstabbing me
out of spite, narrow minded can’t you see
so don’t hide yourself in a scene
spreading lies, but you’re always clean
if you’re gonna make a point then don’t be 2 faced
cos i’ve seen it all before and your point gets misplaced

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