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lirik lagu seen the light – chris brown

(feat. rico love)

[1st verse:]
it’s been a struggle for me,
wonderin why i can’t get by with my life,
but now i’m free,
and i done did some right and wrong,
but still i seen the light,
and i done been around the s-x and drugs,
hustlin but mama aint raise no thug,
and it took a little to see how real it could get,
and how this life wasn’t meant for me cuz i,
see a lot of bad things on my block,
but i aint tryna be a victim of a gunshot,
i can’t let them hold me down

see all the things i heard about,
see all the things i’ve read about,
i seen the light

[2nd verse:]
it’s kinda hard for me,
to stay away from all these girls and the haters they don’t like,
that i’m fufillin my dream,
but i’m just tryna do my thing,
my n-gg- can’t i live my life,
i got the world on my shoulders (shoulders),
and i’m only gettin older (older),
but it’s like it’s gettin colder,
i’m gone make it but i can’t take it sometimes,
i came a long way from my block,
and i’m grateful for everything i got,
i didn’t let nothin bring me down

see all the things i heard about,
see all the things i’ve read about,
i seen the light

life is vivid but seen through the eyes of a rightous spirit,
they try to show us the light but we don’t like to hear it,
mama told me i was bright but despite her lyrics,
a large heard across my sight i had to fight to clear it,
like a runner a couple of summers i often wondered if it
really was winter and that’s when i heard the thunder,
a current was occurin it was stirrin up my hunger,
but i couldn’t let the sh-t burry a n-gg- under,
use to cry hopin all of this would p-ss,
and then i learned to use my tears to water up the gr-ss,
a part of my swagga but apparently i won,
i took my shades off and now i’m starin at the sun,
i’m seein the light i’m seein the light,
realizin that it’s me in the light,
i read about it read about it now i know it

i coulda did wrong,
i seen a lot of people hustle,
but i left them things alone,
i almost lost my friend to the struggle,
but i guess that made me strong,
made me strong,
i seen a whole lot of drama,
and it taught me how to fight,
taught me how to fight,
and i thank god for my mama,
she showed me what was right,
i coulda been in the dark,
but thank god for the light,
(i seen the light) i seen the light

[end adlibs:]
all the things i heard about,
i read about it i read about it oh,
i seen the light i seen the light

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