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lirik lagu seven day hustle – twista

(feat. toxic)

toxic china white productions

[intro: twista]
uhh, yeah, ay
sellin this here dope on these streets
it’s a seven day thang, knowhati’mtalkinbout?
we out here all day e’ry day hustlin
yo toxic, tell ’em what we talkin ’bout
check it out

[chorus: toxic (twista)]
call my connect {“on monday”}
(what you got? now what you got for me?)
i pick it up {“on a tuesday”} yeah
(bring it back, now bring it back for me)
ohh, i cook it up on {“on wednesday”}
(go to the kitchen, get the pots, hit the stove n-gg-)
shut them n-gg-z down {“on a thursday yeah”}
(y’all can’t serve around here, you gotta go n-gg-)
yeah, we on the tip {“come friday”} yeah
(cash them checks, uhh, we on the set, uhh)
police tried to sweat me {“that sat-rday”}
(they let us go we hit the sto’ then hit the club n-gg-)
we still tippin {“on sunday”} yeah
(seven days a week, that’s how we do it cause we gots to eat)

the rap for the hood, if you want ’em i gram ’em
i’m twista, i came back with the hustler’s anthem
and these are crack hooks that i spit, i hope my customers chant ’em
spit for n-gg-z in caprises that can’t pull up in the phantom
that’s real – like rocks and blows when i’m rockin them shows
on the blocks with them o’s when i’m droppin them flows, c-ckin the low
when the twista hit the scene and that’s like blaka explode
these lyrics to the tracks is like workin them pots on the stove
that’s real

[hook: twista]
i got cocaine if you really wanna {“buy buy”}
i got ounces if you really wanna {“buy buy”}
i got ‘dro if you really wanna {“buy buy”}
rocks blows if you really wanna {“buy buy”}


give me a look-up, i got the good hook up on cook up
if you low i’ll front you to try to help you get a foot up
police on my -ss so i had to move a little bit quicker before i get shook up
sh-t it’s all the way i had to book up
makin money for my good ki with a good cut
i spit that cali kush, in the alley you can push
and the ki i stay low-key so detective o’malley won’t look
everybody be watchin my shows, everybody be rockin my flows
got yayo and that’s the way sh-t goes n-gg-, o’s n-gg-

[hook – 2x]

[interlude: toxic]
it’s a seven day thing man
we do it all week e’ry week, we hustlin
let me tell you how it goes again, aight?


[hook – echoes at the end]

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