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lirik lagu shake it like that – choppa

(feat. curren$y)

why don’t you shake it like that, keep shaking it up
jiggle and wiggle your b-tt, baby don’t stop it because i
love when you shake it like that, keep making it drop
i’m paying fifty a whop, cause i don’t want you to stop
not when you shake it like that, me and my whole crew
thinking of what we can do, if i could leave with you cause i
love when you shake it like that, this the new no limit
baby keep making it wiggle, don’t stop it jiggle cause i
love when you shake it like that

oh you a thick woman, oh yeah you looking good
no time for small talking, girl you forget the wood
game swallow that, where the models at
i’m with the new no limit, baby holla back
they call me choppa-chop, she call me choppa style
they call me choppa stizzle, stands for off the hizzle
i went from fat-fat, to 106 & park
they saw me on the bas-m-nt, now chickens wanna talk
now i don’t really mind, cause i hit a dime
i like em slim fine, big fine any kind
choppa make you, take it like that
but me and my click, really


curren$y the hot spitter, n-gg-z know i got figgas
for christmas, i might buy the ghetto children bicycles
diamonds in my chain, i’m playing with some change
chicks trash my truck, so what i got another range
everywhere that we be, cali to dc
chicks pointing and grinning, cause they see me on tv
they wanna leave the club, go to my house and freak me
good thing i got seven seats, in the benz jeep
i’ll show you, how it’s done
you think you spending time with your child, naw dude you watching my son
i’m a young tank dog, so you know how i roll
get to the flo’, because i


by now you know my name, and you done saw my show
but now my concert over, and now it’s time to go
i got a couple of partnas, you got some girls too
we in your town tonight, so what y’all wan’ do
now girl don’t try my patience, i ain’t got no time for waiting
i’m in the mood, for some hot steamy relations
let me see you shake, let me see it move
bounce it left to right, do me what you do
it could be me and you, or we could flip the script
you could cut my dog, i ain’t about to trip
choppa make you, take it like that
but me and my click, really


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