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lirik lagu side by side – puppini sisters


oh we ain’t got a barrel of money
maybe we’re ragged and funny
but we’ll travel along, singing a song
side by side

don’t what’s comin’ tomorrow
maybe it’s trouble and sorrow
but we’ll travel the road sharin’ a load
side by side

through all kinds of weather
what if the sky should fall
just as long as we’re together
it doesn’t matter at all

well they’ve all had quarrels and heartaches
we’ll be the same as we started
just travelin’ along, singin’ a song
side by side

see that sun in the mornin’
peekin’ over the hill
i’ll bet you’re sure
it always has and it always will

well that’s how i feel about someone
and somebody feels about me
we’re sure in love with each other
and that’s the way it’s gonna be

[reapeat the whole song one more time haha yay]