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lirik lagu sitting and watching (fly away) – christafari

sitting and watching (fly away)

sitting and watching the whole world go by, if i were a bird don’t you know that i would fly

fly away, fly away, fly away home to mount zion. (heb 12: 22)

i’ve got to open up my wings and fly, well jesus christ he lifts me higher than high. (isa. 40: 31)

i’ve got to open up my wings and fly, well don’t you know i want to fly in the sky

repeat. holy mount zion were the air is fresh and clean, come take a dip from a cool flowing mountain stream, sun so high in the sky there aint no need to even question why because i know jah created us all. and if i were a bird, if i were a bird i would just take my little wings and open them up, climb up to the tree top, jump off and fly away home. chorus repeat and fade.

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