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lirik lagu so lady – mary j. blige

you know…
i never thought in a million years
back in the days
that i would be feeling like this…
a lady?
get of here
but right now…

i feel so lady

(i feel so lady)
when i’m with you
when i’m round you
i feel so lady x4

i i never knew i would feel
so much like a lady
it’s good to have doors open for me
by a real man who wants to hold my hand
& he’s not ashamed to be out in public with me
it’s the simple things (it\\’s the simple things)
that really turn me on(like)
being kind being warm
to me that makes a man look strong
and that’s why
i don’t mind spending all my time with him
i feel so lady.

chorus (x2)

i-i-i-i never was the type
to wear high-heels and all that stuff
but now i even wear make-up
because you make me feel
that its alright with you
so it’s alright with me
boy you changed my mind
(boy you changed my mind)
about this whole thing
so i cross my legs and sit up straight
i can’t wait for our next date
and i really love the new me
and it’s because of you
she’s who i wanna be
i feel… so lady

chorus (x2)

i didn’t know how to be a lady
didn’t know i really had it in me
you’ve shown me the things that god has given
i feel so lady (x2)

i-i i feel so lady lady lady lady lady lady lady lady lady lady lady
i feel so so lady
so lady
didn’t know i really had it in me
but i-i i i feel so


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