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lirik lagu stand up guy – ti

ey, i know you done kicked it with a lot of n-gg-s before
but you ain’t never kicked it with a n-gg- like me
hey hey

i see ya baby, throw ya hands up high
if you wanna come and kick it with a stand up guy
because the rocks go glisten and the drops on 20’s
bend it over let it drop if you wanna roll wit me

i say all my s-xy ladies throw ya hands up high
if you wanna come and kick it with a stand up guy
because it don’t get better, n-gg-s don’t get cheddar
like that fella in the yellow, purple label silk sweater

[verse 1]
the stones keep glowin’ on my wrist like whoa
and she can’t stop lookin’ i know ya b-tch like those
and she chose, ain’t no question if ya b-tch might blow
just get her to the crib and get her whole back so (sore)
i’ma blow my dro’, i’ma pop my peel
ask anybody wanna take a shot, i will
might see me in a different color drop, hot wheel
with the top down low, and the glock concealed
i got my hayabusa racing up the block, one wheel
if the police try to chase me you know they a done deal
i got skills, anybody wanna come test
what’s in this .45 will be up in yo chest
a lot of ladies wanna kick it with a n-gg- so fresh
he could spend a 100k, any day, no stress
the watches is insane, the chain is grotesque
stay single if you wanna but you gain no cash


[verse 2]
if you got a man and you’re tired of being there
you done gave him too many chances, you’re tired of being fair
i offer you the opportunity to ride with a player
you, me, and a couple of freaks in the ride with a player
never mind those outside, when they stare
’cause the chrome 24’s on the ride give a glare
because of one guy, you decided to share
as long as you having the time of your life, who cares
man, we all sinners, what matters is in the center
i know god see its hard, and i’m a stand up n-gg-
you can’t beat me ’cause you ain’t man enough n-gg-
i look him in the eye and tell him man up n-gg-
you really getting money? throw a grand up n-gg-
wanna fight? you should’ve hit me when you ran up n-gg-
really swift, don’t waste a hammer, body slam f-ck n-gg-s
go and kick it with the hoes and throw ya hands up with ’em


[verse 3]
you ain’t know me ’cause i live so special
try to stay low key but it’s still so special
flat screens in the floor, quarter mil’ in the dresser
jewelry box glowing like i loan on treasure
i’m chillin’ with vanessa, met a girl named heather
told her “hi, how ya doin’? buy a drink? my pleasure”
told her if she got a home girl go tell her
that i got a hard rug, i could go for-ever
if vanessa wanna touch it just let her
if she laughed out loud, i’ll be shocked if we just met her
bought the dro’, get low, and its only one-fifth
and it’s four peels left, do you wanna come with?


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