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lirik lagu step up – the cheetah girls

here we go, that’s right,
uh huh uh huh
uh huh, let’s go y’all
and, 5 6 7 with the vocals
ooh-ooh (oo-oo-ooh)
ooh-ooh (hey)
alright dorinda work it girl
m-mm (o-oh) yeah

right here…and now
is what…it’s all about
bring on… the crowd
we’re ready,steady,
strong and proud

we’re locked…it shows
no stoppin’ us, we’re in the zone
red hot…we know
in it to win it, girls let’s go

step up
it’s time to work it
step out
gotta do it for real
say it loud
it’s time to dance step up and shine the way it feels
step up
it’s now or never
all the cheetah girls
say it loud
right here together
time for us to show the world

show ’em what we’re workin’ with
we got it
let’s turn…away
from the mirror…it’s time to play
our rules…our game
we know we’ve got just what it takes
we’ve come…this far
sometimes…it might be hard
each one of us a superstar


we believe it ’cause we know we can
reach any dream,now we understand
there’s no givin’ up or givin’ in
c’mon girls…work it
ooo, chanel
dorinda, go on girl
aqua, do your thing
that’s right, galleria
never gonna step ’til we
reach the top
never gonna stop
never gonna stop ’til we
reach the top


say it loud for me now
it’s the dance break time to
work it out
break it down for me now
cheetahs in the house won’t you
dance for me now
work it out for me now
cheetahs in the house won’t you
shine for me now
dorinda, chanel, galleria, aqua in the house
won’t you sing it for me now


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