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lirik lagu step yo game up – snoop dogg

(feat. lil’ jon, trina)

yeah man what’s going on man it’s really really pimpin’ up in here man
i know you ain’t seen pimpin’ in a long time man i’ve been mia
you know what i’m sayin’ missin in action i ain’t been on no milk carton box
but i’ve been milking and boxing these b-tches
cuz they got to step they game up you know what i mean

what you lookin’ at (step yo game up!)
what you waitin’ for (step yo game up!)
go on come on in the door (step yo game up!)
drop it to the floor and just (step yo game up!)
you a kid (step yo game up!)
you drink gin (step yo game up!)
is that your friend (step yo game up!)
tell a n-gg- you with you better (step yo game up!)

[lil john]

[x2] break it down b-tch, let me see you back it up
drop that -ss down low then pick that motherf-cker up

[x4] back that p-ssy tease a motherf-cker

[x2] rub that sh-t it’s yours b-tch, grab his d-ck it’s yours b-tch

[x2] now turn around b-tch, put that -ss on a n-gg-, grind on his d-ck make it get a little


[snoop dogg]
b-tch wanna act like she ain’t never been with fast lane pimpin’ on em
nails with the french tip potato chip yup with a french dip say she wanna french kiss all on my diz-nick
it’s cool, go on and break fool if you have to, what which you won’t do, b-tch i’ma slap you
stay in line ho it’s a pimp affair, if you down to get low i can take you there
but you can’t fake once you hit the gate, shake till it ache, work that birthday cake
you say you wanna make it ho, well quit bullsh-ttin’ and get naked ho
now you always got to be hot and vicious, so move them biscuits and hit them tricks b-tch
now you got about a minute to fix this cuz i’m trying to find a b-tch that’s bootylicious


p-ssy, run a world, i’m the girl in the flesh ah
lookin’ for a n-gg- that will suck me like a blow pop
run that d-ck to the door, do me baby don’t stop
same n-gg- talkin’ all that sh-t
just a little b-tch, little b-lls, little d-ck
let me show you how to work your tongue like a hurricane
we ain’t here to play no games, baby give me everything
i know you like me when i drop it down low
show it from the back, look back, let it roll
drop it to the floor like a g-b-tch supposed to
shake it shake it shake it make a n-gg- go postal
but that’s for f-cking with a miami girl (?)
get your man, take his money, and then buy the world
so n-gg- don’t front, cuz fat wallets and big d-cks is all i want


[x8] church, preach, tabernacle


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