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lirik lagu sth – charles hamilton


it’s for all the rings


now-now-now thoughts that might kill me
are not gon’ make you stronger
cause i been writing for a minute now
but i know u been writing longer
and that is a god d-mn shame cause
my bars come off way -stronger-
so if you try to go toe to toe with me
guarantee your -ss is a goner

i’m sober right nowwww

n-gg- get lost aight?
catch bullets like randy moss tonight
charles is like an ipod with a bomb in it
mad songs but if you act wrong, my god you’ll be going in it
i’m sorry i’m a nerd and a musician
and a b-m, i been living in a soup kitchen
that’s what i call it, you call it a studio
truly though i’m going home in a ufo
out of this world, outta my mind
yeah yeah here come the rumors, gossip time
this n-gg- charles went crazy, super red carpet
y’all spit like kid just superhead talking
yeah i went to hollywood but i’m still harlem
roscoes chicken and waffles ain’t in harlem
i’m doing big things, chasing a big dream
macing em with sixteens, [mase is in pink]
jason meanz is my uncle man
me ha is like getting drunk again
so if you sending beef then we jumping in
so don’t act like you don’t understand
i’m c-h-a-r-l-e-s
create great bars, h-ll he’s next
he may hate charles, well he’s vexed
that she may date charles? tell me yes

i’m sober right nooow

back on my grind like i’m going downhill
on a skateboard laying down flat on my spine
think about it then use your imagination
you’ll see that the future’s black
if those that don’t know my usage for blackin’
it means very vivid, you stupid for asking
doesn’t matter cause the train moves on
as soon as you lose your brain you gone
that’s what i say to groupies what god said to me
i’m not gonna be another pac n-gg- please
watch them believe while i rock on a beat of a man who i swears been copying me
as for you n-gg-s in the hood, talk behind my back like i figure sh-t is good
charles forever laughs at goners

f-ck my ex wife go ahead n-gg- do it
the head was the truest like i said n-gg- do it
i got a buddy list full of black kate mosses
i get nothing but bodies like ashtray coffins
bout time i stop giving f-ck, my lyrics
touch ya spirit when ya hearing this tongue
lie to me baby tell me that you been faithful
lie to me n-gg- nah charles i don’t hate you
lie to me groupie nah charles i don’t date you for money
i don’t know why i should date you
when i snap no super glue
you play me i change colors, rubiks cube
i lost my mind and that’s due to who?
you call it real life it’s my musical
i’m used to dudes telling my bars are a felony
theo is my lawyer, charles is a pedigree
triple h, if all you n-gg-s hate
my situation is reason to call this n-gg- great
i’m high like what’s good and never sober
so the greeting is [never over]
make room for the flow when i move with the flow
i’m a psycho make you sooohoooo from ya throat
and you’re favoring a room full of hoes
cause you’ve become a ho in a room full of joes
not a jab at ye but at jab at they
thugged out in the hood and only act mad gay
and i’m getting laid like the law from these broads
that talk to charles and his entourage
and at this point i could just have fun and if u don’t dig it u just that dumb
cause i dumbed down to give you this verse and it ain’t easy my n-gg- it hurt
guess i’m going hard and ya’ll n-gg-s is tight p-ssed
cause i do it like this
got the game on vice grip
call it vice city when i spit
i jacked ya car smacked ya broad laugh at ya’ll quote on quote savage bars
after charles, nothing, b-tch i’m the genesis
no cartridge won’t find lint in it
baddest b-tch in the game wearing my chain
i’m fly she fly bearing my name
yeah you heard that line before i don’t care if it’s lame
my woman is everything so i don’t care for you dames
so hurry up and dash save me a rocket
moving top speed it’s amy and sonic
and if a n-gg- get a hint of danger i’m rushin and bustin these f-ckin lyrics
until there’s no more discussion so f-ck it [breath]