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lirik lagu swept away – mandy moore


tried to find one more moment
before we open our eyes
give me something more from this ocean
that kiss that we don’t have to hide
i hold you the way i handle my heart
quietly guarded and still
i’m swept away
you allow me your sweet surrender
through a page of old poetry
that i may have never discovered
but you read it like it was waiting for me
you smile with your eyes
before it reaches your mouth
quietly guarded and still
i’m swept away
like a stone that gets lost in the tide
swept away
and i’m fighting to stay on your side
alone i am fine and then you walk in and i cave
and i’m swept away
took your hand with immediate comfort
took your friendship right to my heart
caught up in that feeling i searched for
and i hardly know who you are
i’m holding on tight in the midst of this wind
trying so hard to stand still
i’m a sensitive heart that exists in hope above fear
and the weight of your words carry just what i need to hear
my questions are starting to settle
and the ocean is calm once again

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