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lirik lagu symbol in my driveway – jack johnson


i’ve got a symbol in my driveway
i’ve got a hundred million dollar friends
i’ve got you a brand new weapon
let’s see how destructive we can be
got a brand new set of stencils
i been connecting all the dots
got my plans in a zip-lock bag
let’s see how unproductive we can be
i’ve got a light bulb full of anger
and i can switch it on and off
situations that can be so bright
i can’t believe
how pathetic we can be
i’ve got a perfect set of blueprints
i’m gonna build somebody else
might cost a little more than money
but what’s man without his wealth?
got a phosph-r-scent secret
but don’t you tell n-body else
next thing you know
the whole world will be talkin
about all the blues they got
they just ain’t no use because

[jack:] i had a mosquito on my nose
[little girl:] why does a guitar have strings?