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lirik lagu 12 years ago – t-bone


12 years ago, a friend of mine
asked me to spit these mc rhymes
so i said this rhyme i’m about to say
the beat was dope, and it went this way

well, my name is t from the golden state
they call san andreas ’cause i cause earthquakes
been rhyming on the mic since the age of eight
the fans and the people tell me that i’m great

y’all can hate, but they relate
trying to get all of you walking through them pearly gates
i been to city’s all around the globe, nicaragua
australia down to tokyo, lima peru and london back to san tropez

when i’m in paris, france, pale vu france
seen me on tv and on big screens
now i’m crushing mc’s like they jelly beans

now get both of them hands in tha air
and wave ’em all around like in around like b-boys in flair
we bringing the noise, and a raising our voice
plus i keep it old school like the beastie boys

i had to take this rhyme back to the 80’s
when rap was ’bout skills, dj’s and the ladies
didn’t rhyme about s-x and degrading themselves
and rappers didn’t glorify busting ’em sh-lls

this is a hip-hop blast from the past
stop all the violence put away all the straps
better enjoy the music ‘cuz it’s not gonna last
if we keep on glorifying all the killing and gats

the milies and mac’s the chronic and hash
and the cats slanging perico on the corner for cash
we gotta try to make a change for the better
and stop selling out for the fame and the cheddar

put down berretta, quit throwing up letters
i’m trying to make a difference it ain’t getting no better
that’s why i came to represent for all of my people
wit conscious rap chico ‘cuz it’s almost illegal