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lirik lagu trapped in a psycho’s body – tech n9ne


don’t you come near me cause the devils sittin’ next to me
i drink my drink and smoke my weed and pop my extacy
then add some ghb and mushrooms to the recipe, this means
i’m really letting the beast within’ get the best of me

if you can hear me, i need help i’m caught and
i’m stuck and i’m trapped in me self don’t understand
this f-cked off hand that g delt lazarus help
me cause he’s hazardous to t’s health

he set trippin’ he’s tryin’ to get a n-gg- killed
and get a n-gg- pealed the other side is gonna rid
him in a field no sentimental feelin’s sit’em in necro
buildings, i tried to tell ’em where you going you will
not see your women and your children

he popped fifteen hits of ex in one night, licked big t-tts
had s-x with some dikes and he won’t use protection
for my erection constantly makin’ me get that
penicillin injection

wait, i hear voices speakin’ from inside
i’m out front wit it he creepin’ and he hides
i can’t help but notice he’s kinda stuck up
imma let it slide but in the mean time shut the
f-ck up, and just ride

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when i was younger i used to faint at the sight
of blood, now that i’m older i noticed it ain’t at the
sight of blood now the sight of blood equals the very
first sight of love, menstrual cycles feelin’ like you right
at your height of drugs

bleed for me baby angel hart rage f-ckin’ you makes
me feel a murderous sensation blood mixed with
-j-c-l-tion c-m bustin’ b-mp heads till concussions
after we done f-ckin’, if i can’t get the spirit i’ve won nothin’

i got children, and a wife he’s thinkin’ of
leaping off of buildings taking flight by
now somebody should have killed him
end his life but too many mother f-ckers feel him

and his mic somebody stop him
’cause he’s f-ckin’ up my livelyhood
with me trapped inside this psycho
“how can i be good to my wifey?”
if it’s remotely close to a “punani”
he’s in it monster runnin’ us back and forth to the free clinic

if you’re a friend, time to say too da loo
’cause ain’t no possible way he can ever be true to you
cancel your appointment to do the do
if he wants to kill himself
what the f-ck you think he wanna do to you?

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i am a nightmare walkin’, psychopath talkin’
brain deteriorating ’cause of x pill poppin’ i got
more troubles what ever you got it doubles
and triples and quadruples having fantasies of eating
nipples and noodles

drugs take the pain away, used to have a lot of love
but now it fade away
the fact that women love the music and they open
their legs for a psychopathic n-gg-
that’s so f-cked up in the head is beautiful

for my family this isn’t suitable devil b-tches alert
no gotta recruit a few this n-gg-s gonna do me
harm i’m drugged up and i’m torn look at this
mother f-cker he colored my hair orange

you can’t touch me everybody loves me listening to my
music children are getting ugly if i told you everything
i was thinkin’ it wouldn’t be g tellin’ you how many
crossed my path just wouldn’t be me

but they know ’cause they way lo how bout some ex
and fry and ya yo and f-ck a ha hlo a lot of jim beam
to have grim dreams would be healthy i’m trapped
in a psychos body “can you help me?”

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