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lirik lagu stuck – tink


d-mned if i do, d-mned if i don’t

[verse 1]
stuck in my feelings for days at a time
my first mistake was acceptin’ your lies
you are my favorite so i let you slide
no i can’t give no peace of mind, no
just like my exes, you’re so full of sh-t
and i’m way too humble to leave you and quit
so tired of questionnin’ myself
so tired of keepin’ it real, yeah
you don’t value what i’m worth in your life
it’s all fun and games ’till i’m no longer nice
play with my heart, now you’re blamin’ me for your guilt
it’s all fun and games ’till i go and find someone else

go and find someone else
woah-ooh-woah, oh-oh
yeah-yeah, yeah, hey

[verse 2]
i’ve parted with my soul ’cause this love is expired
a bond with this man is no longer what i desire
tryna write my life but it’s deeper than my complexion
this love sh-t it’s scary like f-ckin’ with no protection
ashes in my trays
n-ggas on my mind
it’s eatin’ at my heart, so i gotta leave it behind
how do i, get over somebody that i’m in love with?
makin’ my mistakes ’cause i’m learnin’ like it’s a subject
i got needs and my body can’t wait
i’m all over the place and i’m hopin’ that they relate