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lirik lagu 4 my niggas lyrics (ft. trinidad james) – travis porter


travis, hey
if everybody will getting that money

1 2 3

2 x hook:
there 4 all my n-gg- get money
dope boy that keep try but
stripper girls can’t wait till monday
everybody that keep it one hundred
4 a n-gg- pull in that stripe
4 shawty put in that blunt,
4 n-gg- we ball all night,
every day of the week we stunt.

hey look, all my n-gg-s get money,
yeah we keep it one hundred,
some n-gg-s scared of that money,
i’m recked up and i’m stuntin
yeah i keep my hat had to sale,
but that don’t mean i’m getting no money
shawty told i’m puttin pants on,
why you gotta be so down cunch,
don’t let that below you,
don’t make me call all of my..
don’t make me copy no rollie,
don’t make me copy ..
don’t make me, make me withdraw,
wont’ f-ck with o law,
p–sy n-gg- try to rob me and i’ma go outside n-gg- don’t..
don’t let pull up them racks,
don’t let walk out the sense,
if i take you girl, never take you girl,
just know she won’t be bach,
no stroke us love bro,
look i have the fun we throw,
p-ssy n-gg- try to rob me and i’ma go outside n-gg- ..
no let pull out them racks, don’t let me walk out for sense,
if i take you girl, never take you girl, just know she won’t be back,
no struck us lovers bro, look of all the fun we throw
look of all the one on the floor, ..’cause we’re so.

i need all my hoes for central station, f-ck a buzzy b-tch
and now you ain’t in my section n-gg-, don’t f-ck n-gg-s on my list,
i’m in this b-tch my n-gg-s, that’s why i leave strat and..
i’m working on this stripper play that molly weed and..
that’s your b-tch i hope not, ’cause ..what i gotta
valley hill when i’m f-cked up, i see your crib where i drop the hoe,
here come that walk up shane, real n-gg-s my campaign
so them doper boy my fam man
and the stripper girl my sister,
this song for anybody got somebody like that in the system
lyrical my d-ck n-gg-, my hoes licking my d-ck,
and i ain’t change it for shick,
are you country n-gg-s getting your country song for my d-ck,
i say worry about it b-tch and conscious on this d-ck,
d-mn, p-ss em to them porters and might wanna change your b-tch,

[2 x hook:]

i really my trip, my crib too high in the sky
i ain’t really to moon walk, my car, my bus, i..
they say i’m in your city, y’all n-gg- better hide your wife,
’cause if your b-tch is bad i’ma change her life okay
i got it girl and..she always bring me lean,
i got the sh-t from kali, she all brign me green
got a bad..from.. got n-gg-s really couldn’t afford it,
and every time we f-ck, shawty let me record her,
okay in monday now we imagine, two hoes on the poe that tragic,
they getting that money they stack,
two floes i’ma get the backage,
all my n-gg-s on the east what’s happening
on the floor rolling dive just cr-p it,
for all my people working out to five
can’t wait to get them taxes.

my n-gg- pull it in their stripe, tryin to rob me there on sight,
i’m drippin weight in ice, i need a bad b-tch no ice,
she don’t suck a b-tch, she don’t f-ck a clip,
then no she ain’t my type, then roll the wrist all night,
..alive, if you get money got a trap bank,
all my n-gg-s say they right,
got the old school with no pipes, don’t get caught with their wife,
i’m counting cash in my
they cheat with me i got by, anything i wanna drive,
range rover, rari, maserati, new..
between the hoes and ..i let em pop the molly
..they suckin d-ck while i’m on the phone
let em try to look a little..

[2 x hook:]