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lirik lagu 40 bars – trehnt


[verse 1]
came from the dirt, started dripping
i got it out the mud with precision
put on this earth with no decision
she started dancing, i started tipping
in my own hood i be politicking
run round the block like a headless chicken
my bars nuclear talkin fission
i piped shawty completed mission
i entered the cheat code and got yo hoe
she serving up lunch like sloppy joe
only for my eyes just like j. cole
that p-ssy is evil stole my soul
my outfit so clean not from kohls
shoutout to luda he slangin bowls
pull up in an all black rolls
she poppin that -ss like she poppin moles

[verse 2]
the trent coming through with that muf-ckin heat
and i bet that i make yo hoe break her d-mn spleen
sauce everywhere cleanup on aisle 3
she all on her knees and she begging me please
securing the bag and i’m smoking on trees
and i’m bout to go drive my d-mn car without keys
i’m riding the rhythm and riding the beat
and you know i do this sh-t like every week
pause, wait!
f-cked her no dates
pause, aye
shoutout to a
i’m back on that bullsh-t do it every day
smoking on premium 97 octane
they saying this mothaf-cka is insane
i’m kendrick lamar but without the sherane
they asking me young brother what do you claim?
but honestly i do not -ssociate
i chill by myself and sometimes medicate
or possibly with a shorty getting brain
in other words don’t think about the next day
just run up a bag and go get that cake
ultimately don’t worry bout fate
ultimately don’t worry bout snakes aye