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lirik lagu ten cent blues – eisley

dear orthodox,
i can’t control my feelings,
and who hit me?
i just might be
coming round the bush
and my stilts, they began cracking
subsequently pushed

and i looked to see that it was she
just some abandoned little crook like me
adieu, adieu, and fare thee well
this was the ending, please

oh, whoa…
i was attached on bended knee
but i declined my leave

but who could blame
a fraction of her being?
she is cheesy, she is scrawny
with her uncanny styling
i’m teasing, she is pleasing
she just has no wit

and i’m sorry i don’t have her face
and i’m probably gonna lose this race
there is no doubt she’s such a mouse
with such an abstract grace

oh, whoa…
there is no cure, i am sure
for these ten cent blues

and then she chose to dissect me
and i was casted into poverty
but i did not agree with her
she said, “now, you’ve got nerve,”
but i don’t care if i’m granted
for all these things
if i were one among this crowd
would you call that defeat?

in a way it’s making me crazy
in a sense that it’s making me stronger
a likely chance, and it’s probably proven
in the end we’ll all walk away

shaking hands on the doormat
i salute you, sir
a stranger and a happy fit
i’m glad i’m part of it
and that i saw it all

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