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lirik lagu that theme – soulja boy

shout out to my n-gg- project pat
shout out to my n-gg- d. flores sodmg
juice ii
big south
juice ii n-gg-

pull up, flexin’ on n-gg-s
i push b-tton on my dizzy dash convert we get fitters
drop the top on the brand new foreign, that’s what we do
with me and bunks one week off tourin’
i thought you knew, soulja boy, tell ‘em about the revenue
cash and company comin’
we rubber bands money bounce like elastic
tell ‘em that we getting this cash in, it ain’t nothin’ you n-gg-
all you f-cking new n-gg-s is just f-ckin’ new n-gg-s
lil dre f-ck on you n-gg-s, pull up – drop a band
i put leanin’ on purple and eastern pink hit stand
like d-mn, bands on top of bands, this what we do
stacks on deck
boy, stacks on deck
gang, stacks on deck
mane, stacks on deck entertainment, frame it
pull up in the drop top with your girl getting brain
lamborghini, flip the colors on it
switchin’ black, ridin’ black, flip the colors on it
gold watch, gold ring, gold chain too
tattoos out the frame on that dude
juice ii, juice dos
juice uno, juice dos
juice west coast
i done pull up
everybody know what’s happenin’ with the kill
getting trappin’ with the kill
it’s so sad, ceo fantastic
can’t have it
number 1, we gotta have it
oh my god, oh my god swag
number 1 we gotta have it
swag swag dre dre
number 1 we gotta have it
working out the pound, n-gg- hold it down
sour on my mind
now my chopper hold a hundred rounds
ridin’ through my town like d-mn i’m the f-ckin’ man
caught a million grounds up in bounds
i’m the f-ckin’ man
pullin’ up like yes i am
handkerchief in hand, gucci bandana
and my hands on all my car
got me feelin’ like i’m on the sp-ceship, a superstar
young n-gg- cashin’ all this money in this fashion
i pull up in his -ss and drop top with a yella bone
pull up in the vip they like what is going on
make it rain on everybody, i’m talkin’ every one
then we throw 100’s then 50’s, 20’s and anyone’s
lil dre in the in the club, going crazy
55 racks later, going crazy
gold ace of spades, bottle got me feeling hazy
i’mma screw up and i’ll just pop me a pill
came through the club but you know that’s what it is
juice ii in the atmosphere, that’s what it is
my n-gg-s go so hard, my n-gg- we do that every year
smokin’ on this kush got the kush off in the air
put it in the air, we the n-gg-s in the building
any n-gg- hatin’ talkin’ down we gon kill them
battle fay, drill ‘em
tell them weird all n-gg-s
west side n-gg-s, we swag on n-gg-s
put tags on b-tches, draw jazz and we n-gg-s
f-ck with my n-gg-s and we leave you in the ditches
leave you full of st-tches, you could get your head shook
pull up, take a picture
young rich n-gg-
young rich n-gg-
pull up, take a picture
young rich n-gg-
pull up, take a picture
pull up, take a picture
pull up, take a picture
pull up, take a picture
pull up, take my picture
cuz i’m flexin’ on n-gg-s
pull up, take my picture
cuz i’m flexin’
girls girls girls
girls all over the world
stacks on deck gang
stacks on deck gang
turn up
what? what? what?
get booked n-gg-

500 k in my robbin’ jeans
godd-mn dre you didn’t pull up in a limousine
godd-mn i got cliffs and some f-ckin’ methazine
n-gg- talkin’ down but that’s blasphemy, don’t blast for me
young dre up in this thing, it could be achin’
so my money on my arm and my necklace
pull up to the club, you ain’t on the guest list
i’m flexin’ since i’m flexin’
turn up

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