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lirik lagu the altar of holocausts – anorexia nervosa

[lyrics by rms hreidmarr]

blessed be my own decision
this body must burn upon the altar of holocausts
murder her when you make love
like millions of worms penetrating her flesh
while she’s lying down, down in the dirt
and there is no n-bility
when i try to kill the sin in me
to f-ck equals to kill
and i’ll make her live in the purest, blackest h-ll ever

when i raise my fist slowly, so-called king
and when my words become your one and only world…
keys to the gates of submission
obey, and look down
i don’t love you
i’m the eye of deception
control the worms
i was meant to die, to order and to reign
i am just a white fading flower
as he used to call me
burn the witch
last breath

krieg in sicht

yet if as holiest men have deem’d, there be
a land of souls beyond that sable sh-r-…
how sweet it were in concert to adore
with those who made our mortal labours light,
to hear each voice we fear’d to hear no more
behold each mighty shade reveal’d to sight
the bactrian, samian sage, and all who taught the right!

motherf-cking sage will not come to save you, fool!

krieg in sicht

a smile – i defy
with all my innocence
my lips closer to yours, i feel your breath
attraction, repulsion and pride
desire made me think i had the right
to take your life away
die by my own will
nature of holocaust
just walk away from the line
do it

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