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lirik lagu the aura – beyond creation


knowing your thoughts, forecasting all slightest gesture. i am the aura that guides you in every step f life.
i’ll make you feel what i like you to feel and taste
now listen to these gusts of mechanical torture that are irradiating all these people
inhale this odor of rotten flesh.
these canon fodder have been our fellow members
no more now than memories, all of them have prayed and sweared for a man, a traitor
a tyrant that doesn’t care much for humankind
without fear and questioning, they have obeyed to kill one another for a better world
blood has flowed into the eyes of our distraught race
our fragile existence is drowning in immorality
reduced to slavery
no one can think of victory
[solo: kevin]
how can these people think to have the key of life?
they are perpetuating all error with hatred
but always trust yourself and i’ll show you the path to stay alive
all we can dream is a new breed of human beings.