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lirik lagu the maritimes – classified

yo, let’s take it back to the maritimes man
you cant take yourself too serious
do that thing you guys were doing

fill your cup up and chug
roll a joint up and get f-cked
ready for a kitchen party
welcome to the maritimes [x2]

i’m from the east coast of canada, home of the bag pipe
known for the fiddle players, beer and our keg price
known for alexander keiths and the donair
home of the mooseheads but i don’t really go there
we pay a buck for a litre of gas and
smokes cost $10 a pack and
we always mix our tobacco with weed, its just the way
we always done it, sh-t is natural to me

so let me tackle the beat and unravel the scene
let you people know what you never travel to see
we got battle mc’s, we got storytellers
and we got awful mc’s and corny motherf-ckers
we got everything you wanna hear
conscious to back pack, commercial to gangsta
r&b to abstract, grunge to rock, cl-ssical to country
so many artist workin’ but no one making money

welcome to the east coast, home of the innocence
still piegon holed, as a farm or a fisher man
no major league teams, baseball or hockey
no urban radio, just country and pop beats
i’m trying to shake these stereotypes
so give me sp-ce please, let me air out my life
i don’t even eat fish, sh-t i never tried lobster
cant play the fiddle, and never was a logger
but i swam in clean lakes, and enjoyed cool breezes
but halifax harbour’s like swimming in diseases

we only known for anne of green gables,
coal mines, the bluenose and pei potatoes
the maritimes, its better then that
we livin’ in the nether times so dead it with that
we got universal soul and buck 65 and
the whole ctg and of course cl-ssified
we got back burner, good night, alpha flight, lock down
mic boyd, first word, tro biz and h-ll town
and a million other artists, trying to get there flow heard
and let you know that we still workin’ on these outskirts

we trying to blow like halifax explosion
or maybe anne murray i know she’s nova scotian
or hurricane juan blowin from the ocean
either way it goes i’m still reppin for my coast man


that’s how we do it down here
least that’s how you think we do it down here
we all pile in the kitchen
do it like this


welcome to the maritimes

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