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lirik lagu the plagurist society – consequence


i guess i’m the game of good music
except i was in the game before good music
please look into it, do a little research
the cameo killer who murks them with each verse
so get dressed for school and put away your play clothes
as i drop these jewels on these fools
who got the game distorted and confused
i guess baby thought and made me snortin’?
whatever tony was important when they caught him
cause that dope rap is really joke rap
if you investigate it thoroughly it’s kojak
you would know that, it’s a known fact
i’m from the borough where the ‘preme team sold crack
i’m from the city where they tell a n-gg- hold that
especially if he movin with the mountain and from brokeback
so heres a road map, just incase your misguided
i went from being slighted to being invited and to being knighted
so what you have ignited is the heroin flow that’ll eat ya flesh alive
before ems arrives and them wings of death decide
that it’s time to expire, yeah
meaning it’s time to retire
cause’ you’ll never get a trophy playing for the stealers
they steal n-gg-s lines, steal n-gg-s flows
40 million in, still a n-gg- owes
from what julie told me of your business practices
they like abstinence, uh
you keep f-cking around but still don’t hit
that’s why the m-th-f-cking clipse got clipped
so why would this plagiarist think to play with this
oh-so dangerous kid who made them haters rich
but still there’s no malice in my heart
for these poor little wretched clowns who i would coast through
recession i just pray to god, don’t revoke my blessings
if we jumping outta vans like 3 others guys in va
fo’shizzle my nizzle, send ya body back to va
and how ironic is that
could one man? funeral when you started to rap
so somebody please tell terrence
i don’t care if it’s thieve?
but go take a breather on the terrace
before he does? i’mma make his team perish
cause he aint nothing but a body shield
for that coward from the midwest
so yes you can bet, that your boss is next