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lirik lagu the scapegoat – angel corpse

(music palubicki; lyrics helmkamp)

i who wait and writhe and wrestle
with air that hath no boughs to nestle
my body weary of empty clasp
strong as a lion and sharp as an asp
give me the sign of the open eye
and the token erect of the th-rny thigh
and the word of madness and mystery

i am a man
do as thou wilt as a great god can
i am awake
in the grip of the snake
the eagle slashes with beak and claw
the gods withdraw
the great beasts come

goat of thy flock i am gold i am god
flesh to thy bone – flower to thy rod
thrust the sword through the galling fetter

with hoofs of steel i race on the rocks
through solstice stubborn to equinox
all-devourer – all-bequetter

and i rave
and i rape and i rip and i rend
everlasting – world without end

(from “hymn to pan” by aleister crowley)

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