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lirik lagu the secret handshake of fate – j.d. souther

if the world was flat
iâ’d walk off the edge
but i canâ’t â’cause itâ’s to big and round

i can just see myself
falling through sp-ce
grateful not to be found.

trouble with living here in the future
and sailing the dutchmanâ’s sea
is the trouble with love in the present tense
and the fear of eternity.

see no matter where you are
youâ’re about to come round
to just where youâ’ve already been.

donâ’t be afraid
it happens to people
and then it happens again and again.

go off this marble
leave something here
for somebody else but you.

awww itâ’s a pity
most folks donâ’t realize.

if the world was safe
iâ’d fly in my sleep
crashing right through these blue walls.

doubts and fears would rise
like a duster in texas
cushion my deadly fall.

the problem is worse
if youâ’re religious
what keeps your head in its place?

they think what they think
but you know what you know
the secrete handshake of fate.

if the world was you
iâ’d travel extensively
visiting some places twice.

scrambling for purchase
wherever itâ’s slippery
against all and any advise.

iâ’d sleep upside down
for a new view of heaven
dream at both ends of the night

all through the middle
iâ’d breathe with you
knowing weâ’d be all right.
(then weâ’d go)
twisting into the light.

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