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lirik lagu the undertaker – infernal torment

he’s excentric about his work
he loves working with stiff corpses
and their contents
he’s the undertaker

in the beginning he just buried the dead
but that quickly became far too boring
he wanted something different
something sick and bizarke

one day he received a body
he was meant to bury
but first he wanted to see the body
and f-ck it in every possible way

as he spread her legs
he saw her black smelly c-nt
this made him h-rny
he wanted to f-ck now

he f-cked the corpse hard and brutal
and the b-tch could not say a word
he could not stop
he wanted more

the -sshole looked tempting
he wanted to f-ck it immediately
the -ss was tight,his c-ck began to bleed
he loved the feeling

he didn’t want to come
but his c-ck did
so suddenly a great load of
mixed sperm and blood filled her mouth

but he wasn’t finished yet
he wanted to taste his own sperm and blood
he sucked up the viscid fluids
and the taste was f-cking great

he had become a sick creature
a necrophiliac
and he loved it

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