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lirik lagu this is no time ta sleep – morning glory


can you hear the angels dropping falling our way?
can you see the storm that’s made this blackness from day?
we need to get off our knees and not pray
the air is thick and the future is grey

out in the streets we’re dying
drowning in blood
inside our homes we die of drama and lack of love
our schools are filled with metal detectors and lies
the prisons suck up the students who can’t get by

our eyes are heavy
up to the levy the waters creep
there is no time to kill now
dream land is lost
this is no time ta sleep

you never knew me, my eyes are dry
you live in la la land
well i’d rather die
you doze ignoring the world as it burns
come on and get up we’ll all take turns

the dawn is coming
can you hear the drumming
as the hours creep
there is no time to kill now
how can you dream?
there is no time to sleep