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lirik lagu too much – inbal dimri


verse 1:
even tough you’ve ruined my life
i still come back every night
to your arms
my biggest love you give me strength
but after a while you make me break
i wish i’ve never met you
now that i see the way you’ve treated me
but i swear i’ll never let you go cause you’re my disease
you make me collapse

can’t take it no more
it’s a war for sure
before the pillow wipe my tears
and i surrender to my fears
my greatest disease
you’re too much in me

verse 2:

you’re the biggest lion in the jungle
my enemy as far as i’m out there
there’s too much truth
with alcohol
so we do the one thing
we don’t have to talk in
i wanna take you to another life
the ones that i created in me
but you don’t seem to care or know what’s right
you wont find no better then me

can’t take it no more…

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