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lirik lagu b!tch – ugly god


[thanks ugly god]

b-tch x17

[verse 1]
no i’m not a rapper this the first page of the chapter
b-tch i’m a disaster bite yo b-tch just like a raptor
booty gang pastor i’m the hash slinging slasher
p-ssy bacon escobar plugged in like an adapter
all my music slapping, make you dance just like a kappa
boy i’m broke as f-ck 30 bands straight from fasfa
hoe give me some sp-ce no i a’int talkin’ bout no nasa
gucci head to toe you wipe me down just like a napkin b-tch

b-tch x17

[verse 2]
b-tch you know my handle hump yo b-tch just like a candle
b-tch i run the scandal cause i’m lit just like a candle
i can’t trust a b-tch i’m flipping hoes just like the channels
young ugly god play these hoes like a piano
i’m colder than your cooler (b-tch)
deeper than a sewer (b-tch)
all my n-gg-s shooters, p-ss me off they’ll have to do ya
i brought her to my room and spread her legs just like a rumor
i f-cked her with no condom but no worries b-tch i’m neutered

b-tch x17

thanks ugly god