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lirik lagu gnarly! – unknxwn



[verse 1]
she’s a thot, i might pop, on my c-ck, bend her over
i might skrt off the lot in a drop, not a rover
purple pop, that’s up north, i’m from south, dirty soda
f-ck that b-tch, i don’t care but she love me like i’m sosa
i smoke cigs, i like nic, my lungs f-cked, i can’t breath
2g blunt, me, myself and i, faded i can’t see
she want play with my b-lls, thought she was from okc
like rihanna, make my choppa sing, that’s a do re mi
f-cked a white b-tch, she said that my d-ck was gnarly (yes sir)
f-cked a black b-tch, she tried to put my -ss on maury (i skrt)
f-cked an indian, she tried to put me onto gandhi
f-cked a mexican, i said hola to her mami
then i left like my dad, f-ck that n-gga he made me sad
i’m gone blow up, he gon’ try to come back
i’ma just be like miss me with that
unknxwn. protect but he also attack
i fell in love with a b-tch off a app
i cannot f-ck with you, think you a rat
i’m finna run up my money like track

nah for real tho, dad, if you hear this, i don’t hate you
not anymore at least
sup tho?
alright f-ck all that sh-t
i’m finna run it back

[verse 2]
arbor mist that’s merlot what i sip, don’t like liquor
s-xy b-tch and she knows, like my nose i might pick her
it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s not, it’s a n-gga
i came from the sky, god kicked me out, said “go get richer”
tide! sh-t, slide sh-t, selfish on some i sh-t
i quit f-ckin’ with these people, stank like my sh-t
i live my life to the fullest, i might die quick
if i see my ex in public i’ma be like “hi, b-tch”